Trapdoor Technologies back from the abyss with Pathfinder iOS app


You might well have written Trapdoor Technologies off. They’ve had plenty of bumps and scrapes – a cancelled contract with Wizards of the Coast and then a failed Kickstarter. They’re a brave bunch, though, and have been busy working on their promised product. iPhone users can download the Playbook (for RPD) for free from the […]

Rebuild or loot? Infected Zombie RPG

Infected Zombie RPG book sample

Infected! is the first RPG from Immersion Studios and Holocaust Survivor Stories: Georgina author Oliver Shead. Zombies are infected humans – fast, deadly and cunning. Mankind is winning, though, and civilisation is beginning to recover which gives the PCs options… this twist on the post-apocalyptic story is Kickstarter that’s doing well, needing just a nudge […]

ViewScream merges virtual tabletop with LARP


Rafael Chandler is a game writer and designer who’s worked on computer games like MAG, Rainbow Six: Lockdown and SOCOM 4. On the tabletop RPG front he has Lusus Naturae and No Salvation for Witches in his credits. ViewScream is different; mixing the growing popularity of Google Hangouts powered virtual tabletops, with LARP and with […]

Bloodshadows returns as a full RPG


Originally published by West End Games as a worldbook for MasterBook and then updated as a D6 Adventure, the third edition of Bloodshadows will be a standalone RPG. Precis Intermedia have the rights for Bloodshadows, a game in which the supernatural lurks around the corner, and will relaunch the title using the genreDiversion 3E rules. […]