Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King’s Quest wins thousands of backers

Dungeon Saga

Nottingham’s Mantic Games asked for $50,000 for a classic adventure board game. The campaign runs out at the end of August. What’s happened since launch? At the time of writing the game has raised over $420,000 in pledges from over 3,200 backers. [Back this Campaign] This is a game with Mantic’s usual flare for models, […]

Bungie show off Destiny gameplay on Mars

Destiny 5

The beta sample of Destiny was impressive but brief. Especially brief for those who pre-ordered and thought they’d get an extra day or so ahead of the crowd. Nevertheless; everyone I spoke to who played the beta but hadn’t pre-ordered Bungie’s latest game are now pre-order customers. In short Destiny brings more RPG elements to […]

d20Pro finds Unlimited success at Kickstarter

d20pro unlimited

Looking for a virtual tabletop? That’s a system to let you game with friends (or strangers) across the internet and yet with a familiar tabletop (ish) feeling. There are a few options to pick from and d20Pro has traction and is available for Windows, Mac as well as Linux. Now the company behind the software […]

Frog God Games announce free downloads and discounts

razor coast - freebooters guide

If you’ve peaked at Geek Native’s 2014 ENnie summary you’ll have seen Frog God Games making the league table of winners. They picked up a silver for Razor Coast – Heart of the Razor. While it is congratulations to Frog God Games it is also good news for fans. To celebrate the company is giving […]

Japanese horror as a RPG: A review of Kuro – Makkura


I rather like Cubicle 7’s Japanese horror RPG Kuro. The game works well because it is nicely balanced mechanically, creates a thrilling if rather gritty noir cyberpunk world and layers in the supernatural. It is entirely up to the GM and, of course, the actions or inactions of the players as to whether the game […]

The ENnie 2014 Awards: who are the winners?

ennies 2014 gold

It’s GenCon and that means one of the year’s biggest and most popular set of gaming awards: The ENNies. As usual competition was fierce. For almost all of the 20+ categories there were two prizes to fight for; gold and silver. Geek Native has the full list of winners below. Did anyone publisher thrash the […]