Get ready for Virtuacon 14


Virtuacon offers the best 3 days in virtual gaming. It’s coordinated via RPG Geek but run via the Virtuacon Google+ community. Games take place in Google Hangouts while programs like DiceStream and Roll20. If you’re not sure how that works then this video is recorded from actual gameplay from last year. Jacob Wood running a […]

What will Dungeons & Dragons in 2015 look like?


This weekend at PAX the Wizards of the Coast team lifted the lid on a host of 2015 news. Dungeons and Dragons is stepping up it’s digital offering and will bring on a range of expert partners. Set in Forgotten Realms, Wizards has licensed games from Backflip Studios, Beamdog and Cryptic Studios with Perfect World […]

On A Mud-Slick Road to Hell: Review of Dead Light

Dead Light on RPGNow

Survival horror in Cthulhu – the chances seem slim, right? I mean, without even saying the words ‘survival horror’, most people who play games based upon the entities of the Cthulhu Mythos probably don’t have anything like a 10 Year Plan or bother investing in a 5 Year Diary. Investigators into the Mythos probably wouldn’t […]

Forewarned Is Forearmed: A Review of Thulian Echoes

Thulian Echoes on RPGNow

Does anyone give a second thought to the impact an adventuring party has on their environment? As they rampage through a monster’s lair or rampage through invaded territory, they make changes, slay doers and makers, and leave carnage in their wake – so, what happens next? Oddly, this is something I have considered before as […]

Mashing Up The Strange: A Review of When Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide on RPGNow

The strange and incredible come in many guises and sometimes you need a helping hand making sense of it all. With the release, from Monte Cook Games, of The Strange, the Cypher System has expanded with more than 400 pages of content. Given that the game uses the same system as the acclaimed Numenera, can […]

It took just 24 hours to fund Girls on Games


Would you Kickstart a group of essays? What if those essays came from women in the tabletop games industry and they wrote about struggles they’ve faced as well as tips and secrets for new game designers? [Back this Campaign] Elisa Teague has clearly been deeply involved in the tabletop games industry for around 15 years. […]

Creepy enough to be good: Lords of the Fallen – World trailer


Lords of the Fallen is a hack and slash RPG due out 31/10/2014 in Europe. It’s from the German developer Deck13 Interactive, who brought on CI Games as wingman and which is being published by Bandai Namco. Players are Harkyn, a convicted criminal with a chance for redemption, who has to hack his way through […]

Surprising? Roleplayers are more accepting of running zombies than non-gamers


If you are asked the question; “Should zombies run?” the correct response is something along the cards of; “No, zombies should stay fully dead, immobile and in their graves”. The question Geek Native asked in a competition to win a bundle of Dana Fredsti zombie books was slightly different. The question was whether it was […]

A sneak peak at Dicetiny’s game cards


Dicetiny is a forthcoming computer game from FakeDice. It’s a mix of fantasy adventure with board game. Consider it Monopoly meets a dungeon crawl with card collecting thrown in too. There are four classes to pick from and you can game alongside three other players. FakeDice aim to get Dicetiny into Steam Early Acccess this […]

The Secret War: Achtung! Cthulhu gets a movie


When did you first hear about Modiphius Entertainment? The London-based publisher first got attention with promises of Achtung! Cthulhu, a setting that merged the horror of war with horrors from beyond time and space, and then smashed targets at Kickstarter. Then came Mutant Chroncies as Modiphius targeted the sleeping giant, promising enough new life to […]