Blood & Bone: Gritty, Game of Thrones inspired RPG


Arcana Games is just a few hundred dollars shy of funding Blood & Bone. This RPG is Game of Thrones meets Dungeons and Dragons, a classless game, with a gritty setting suitable for dark fantasy and horror. Check out their Kickstarter campaign for more details. At the time of writing Blood & Bone has 28 […]

When adventures are too big


Ever played through a dungeon that just went on, on and on? Every now and then some publisher pops up with a popular mega dungeon that seems able to gobble up all your time. Stephen Joy of From The knows about such adventures!

A Review of A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying as a Gateway Game


To say that HBO’s A Game of Thrones is a hit is, at this point, an understatement. People are downright rabid about the show! People who would ordinarily have nothing to do with a story of medieval drama are absolutely crazy about the violent, intriguing, and tragic world in George R.R. Martin’s books. What better way, then, to attract new people into the […]

Slavic and Mediterranean folklore: Awaken RPG


Fed up of “traditional” folklore being a heavy influence in your RPGs? You know; northern European dwarves, elves and trolls with occasional influence from Norse and Egyptian legends? Maybe this Kickstarter for Awaken, which is a dark fantasy RPG influenced by Slavic and Mediterranean folklore will interest you. You can read more about it on […]

Symbaroum turns to crowd-funding for English edition


Symbaroum is a gorgeous looking RPG. Back in 2014, Geek Native shared the stunning art and design. The RPG, though, was in Swedish. Now the team have turned to Indiegogo, on a flexible funding campaign, to raise funds for an English language edition. You can read about it on the campaign page. [Back this Campaign] […]

True Quality: A Review of Ruins of the North


Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Ruins of the North, the latest supplement for Cubicle 7’s outstanding Lord of the Rings RPG The One Ring, has all the polish and grandeur of every other product in the line. If you’re a fan of this roleplaying game (and really, you should be), then picking up Ruins of the North should be […]