Bloodshadows returns as a full RPG


Originally published by West End Games as a worldbook for MasterBook and then updated as a D6 Adventure, the third edition of Bloodshadows will be a standalone RPG. Precis Intermedia have the rights for Bloodshadows, a game in which the supernatural lurks around the corner, and will relaunch the title using the genreDiversion 3E rules. […]

Lost & Found: A Review and Play report of Trail of Cthulhu


This past weekend, I got a group together to play Pelgrane Press’ Trail of Cthulhu. Though the game came out in 2008, I never got a chance to play it, until now. Designed by Kenneth Hite, Trail of Cthulhu is one of several games powered by the GUMSHOE System. The design philosophy behind the GUMSHOE system is that in an […]

Apocalypse 2.0: A Review of Legacy: Life Among the Ruins


The latest game powered by the Apocalypse, Legacy: Life Among the Ruins serves as an elegant re-exploration of the trail first blazed by Vincent Baker in his revolutionary RPG, Apocalypse World.  Legacy is, essentially, a prettier, cleaner, and more-refined version of Baker’s game. Legacy is classic post-apocalypse adventure, complete with mutant monsters, weird and wild technology, and even a Maelstrom to […]

Steve Jackson Games gives ThinkGeek a Munchkin Hipsters head start


ThinkGeek will get to say; We sold Munchkin Hipsters before it the booster pack became all mainstream! They’ll get to say that because Steve Jackson Games have given the popular site first dibs at selling the the 30-card booster. Brian Engard, Marketing Director at Steve Jackson Games, said; We love ThinkGeek and we’re really excited […]

Targets of Acquisition: A review for a Laundry RPG supplement


Some classic Cthulhu adventures kicked off with attendance at auctions with Unspeakable Objet D’art. These days you see this sort of thing all the time in episodes of Storage Hunters. While the setup might be familiar, the principle remains a handy one. Want your investigators to get involved? Well, what better way than a face […]

TORG returns as TORG: Eternity


TORG by West End Games enjoyed plenty of praise from a very loyal fan core but vanished after the studio closed. The rights to the game were eventually picked up by TORG fan Markus Plotz. As Markus Plotz is the president of Ulisses Spiele, a leading German game manufacturer and distributor, it comes as no […]

The 5 best selling RPGs for Spring 2015


Just last year D&D was in 4th place on IcV2’s chart. ICv2’s chart for the top 5 roleplaying games for the spring of 2015 is now out. Given the launch of D&D 5e it might be no surprise to see the iconic title back at the top. Wizards of the Coast will be pleased. Dungeons […]

Grimmest and Darkest: A Review of Dark Heresy, 2nd Edition


Make no mistake about it: the 41st Millenium, as described in the second edition of Dark Heresy, the flagship roleplaying game of the Warhammer 40k franchise, is one of the darkest, grimmest, most brutal settings ever in a role-playing game. A slowly-dying Imperium fights a losing war against countless, limitless enemies across different planes of existence, thousands […]

Opening Act: A Review of the Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook


Hot on the heels of the excellent Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook, publisher Green Ronin de-coupled the setting from the system and released the Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook. The Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook is, almost literally, the rules from the Dragon Age RPG, scrubbed of its setting, and presented for use in any fantasy campaign of your […]

What stirs in the Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana (Part 5)


This post is the fifth part of Geek Native’s commentary on Wil Wheaton’s tabletop RPG broadcast. To read the first four, which is recommended, visit the Titansgrave section of Geek Native and pick up from where you left off. The start to the Titansgrave adventure seems slow and easy in comparison. Now that the group […]