Games Workshop and Chilled Mouse will release Warhammer Quest


On the 7th of January on Windows, Mac and Linux Chilled Mouse, Rodeo Games and Games Workshop will bring Warhammer Quest to Steam. The download is based on the classic Games Workshop board game and set in the Warhammer Fantasy world the turn based game has players explore dungeons in the Empire. The tactical game […]

Are tax changes about to axe Europe’s RPG digital stores?


Publishers in Europe selling their RPGs, accessories and other gaming material in digital form are about to see big changes. In the past companies had to pay tax on digital services like subscriptions, written products, art and music based on the laws of the country they operate in. In the UK this was good news […]

Will we find winter warmth in The Dark Below?


The game is dividing opinion and I find myself agreeing with points made by both sides. Destiny is both remarkable and evolutionary step while falling disappointingly short of the heights it could have reached and prone to being repetitive. The proof is in the pudding, or should that be in the pizza, and I find […]

Relive the best of 2014’s gaming in under 2 minutes


Malcolm Klock has put together this montage of some of the great games of 2014. He stresses that if your favourite game is missing it will probably due to editing rather than it not being worthy. I think the final montage is neat. It’s both dramatic and beautiful. It has, as Klock says, been an […]

Will Paizo replace Wizards of the Coast as a Codename: Morningstar publisher?


I’m a backer on Trapdoor Technology’s Codename: Morningstar Kickstarter. This is a crowd-funding campaign to pick up a digital toolset that Wizards of the Coast pulled out of. The replacement software works with the Pathfinder Reference Document (PRD) instead. Geek Native was lucky enough to land an interview with Trapdoor’s founding director Chris Matney. In […]

Desborough’s #GamerGate card game banned by DriveThruRPG and SJ Games


#GamerGate is a card game by James Desborough’s Postmortem Studios. It is named after the stormy and hotly contested row among computer gamers and games journalists. This is a row which has involved bomb hoaxes, death threats and doxxing. Postmortem Studios described the game as a joke, saying; Gamergate the Card Game commemorates THE defining […]

Steve Jackson Gammes announce Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown


On the 16th of December Steve Jackson Games will announce a new fast-playing dexterity game called Mars Attacks: Ten Minute-Takedown. Okay, it’s a dexterity game about Martian aggression and global destruction. Players flick the game’s custom die from their flying saucer at the human cities and claim points as they crumble. The demo of the […]