Impossible POW: A review of Valour’s Trial

Valours Trial

Valour’s Trial (or, I suppose, Valor Trial to go by the spelling used in some parts of the world) is another in Tanya Huff’s Confederation series. I really like how easy Huff makes reading. Her books can be layered, clever and are rarely predictable but she manages to make each one a breeze to read […]

Sword and planet: A review of Kane of Old Mars

kane of old mars

I’ve seen John Carter of Mars but not read any of the Edgar Rice Burroughs stories. I had the famous title in mind as I started to read the most recent re-release by Gollancz of Michael Moorcock’s “Kane of Old Mars”. Wikipedia tells me that the trilogy was first published back in 1965. The original […]

The creator of Dark Star: An interview with Oliver Langmead

Dark Star tour

Dark Star is a blend of crime and sci-fi. The story is set in a dark world, in the aftermath of an incredible and dangerous crime. Unsung Stories, the British publisher, launched the book on the day of the solar eclipse in Europe and is masterminding a blog tour with the author Oliver Langmead. Geek […]

An exclusive extract from the Robot Overlords filming diaries

Robot Overlords

Robot Overlords is an independent British film due out this March and staring Gillian Anderson, Ben Kingsley and Callan McAuliffe. The movie follows a group of teenagers coping with the wake of a robot invasion of Earth. Mankind has been confined to their homes and no one knows what the robots want. Two things are […]

Competition: Win Wastelands 2 from George R.R. Martin, Cory Doctorow, et al


Wastelands 2 is a series of post-apocalyptic short stories from authors such as Game of Thrones’ George R.R. Martin, Cory Doctorow, Junot Diaz, Rudy Rucker, Hugh Howey, Ann Aguirre and others. The 528-paged book is a feast for fans and is the follow up from the critically acclaimed Wastelands collection. The compilation, from Titan Books, […]