Lovecraft’s birthday summons Cthulhu sales!


The 20th of August is HP Lovecraft’s birthday. Happy birthday you old racist git. You did, however, create a whole genre of horror and some of the most iconic terrors of all time. There’s sales on today that geeks should be aware of. You may well want to check out Think Geek’s new site too. […]

Free to Download: Valiant Entertainment partner with DriveThruComics


We’d seen Valiant get a little cosy with OneBookShelf over at DriveThruRPG as the Valiant Universe RPG launched. DriveThruRPG had the exclusive and Valiant helped with temptations like the free to download Valiant RPG QS. Today that relationship got closer. The two companies have announced a new partnership. DriveThruComics will make Valiant’s complete library of […]

The A-Team set in a supernatural Western, Pariah book 2 on Kickstarter

Pariah Missouri

It’s never easy to do a book two on Kickstarter. You tend to automatically exclude everyone who’ve not read book one. Andres Salazar and Decade Brothers have gotten around that problem by providing PDF copies of the first graphic novel at the lowest pledge level. [Back this Campaign] There are previews for both graphic novels available […]

Competition: 24 – Deadline


The time is 5pm. Jack Bauer, once a federal agent, was declared a fugitive from justice one hour ago. Former colleagues in the Counter Terrorist Unit are dead or under arrest. If Jack wants to escape their fate he needs to get out of the country but he has no resources, no backup and no […]

A review of MULP: Sceptre of the Sun


MULP: Sceptre of the Sun is an all-ages anthropomorphic comic from Matt Gibbs and Sara Dunkerton. I thought I knew what I was getting into after reading just the first few panels. Ah, I see; all the characters are different types of mouse. Our hero is being called out to an archaeological dig in Egypt. […]

Dragonriders of Pern could head to the big screen


Fancy another Harry Potter style blockbuster series? The Chronicles of Narnia didn’t quite do it. Even The Hobbit series is getting mixed reviews. Warner Bros certainly fancy another bash at the market. They’ve optioned Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series. This means the 22 books (that’s a lot) could become a movie. Or two. The […]