Superheroes from comic books to live-action 1930 to 2014 [infographic]


Do you think there’s been a lot of superhero movies and TV shows this year? Dave Columbus took a host of data and transported it all into one mighty infographic. Up to date as of July 2014, the visual shows how individual superheroes moved from comic books to live action. Which has been your favourite […]

The children of Fight Club: A review of Burnt Tongues

Burnt Tongues

Chuck Palahniuk is the transgressive author of Fight Club. Transgressive fiction looks to take an unique voice to the sort of story others might not consider safe to write about. Dennis Widmyer and Richard Thomas collected a host of stories written in Palahniuk‚Äôs style by students of the burnt tongue disciple. Together with Chuck they […]

A quick four minutes to learn about The Lord of the Rings mythology

the lord of the rings mythology

CGP Grey’s video is an excellent way to go deep into the huge mythology of Lord of the Rings. Most importantly, this won’t take you days and days of readng. This takes between 4 and 5 minutes of animation and quick, but clear, voice over. This video explains the role Gandalf and the other wizards […]

At long last – Spider-Woman gets a new costume


Spider-Woman’s not changed her costume in a while and after the drama around the Milo Manara alternative cover which had the wall-crawling superhero in a rather awkward pose it feels like a change is long overdue. As it happens this is an issue discussed in today’s interview with David Reddick. Now USA Today as an […]

Audio EXP: Dragons and the Secret Service in your ear

Dot Rar

This is the first Audio EXP post in what will hopefully become a regular column (unlike Irregular Reconnaissance) for Geek Native. It’s a chance to sample and discover geeky audio goodies. What does that mean? For a start we’ll be sharing clips of forthcoming and new audio books. Thanks to Audible for their help in […]

50 Free Comic Book Day 2015 titles announced


Saturday the 2nd of May will be the 2015 Free Comic Book Day. Anyone popping into a participating comic book shop. Come April the FCBD store locator will update to show which shops are taking part this time around. This year, Free Comic Book Day gave away 4.7 million comic books and over 1,000,000 people […]

David Reddick on Intelligent Life, Spider-Woman’s butt and Star Trek


I first encountered David Reddick’s Intelligent Life over at Comics Kingdom. There it’s one of my favourite strips, among many other good series, and I’ve actually configured the system to email me updates rather than rely on RSS as I normally do. I’ve gotten to know the characters; Skip, Gwen, Mike and Barry pretty well […]

Interactive Map of The Battle of Five Armies


Duh! Alert! If you don’t know how The Hobbit ends then this interactive map contains spoilers. From a hole in the ground and Bilbo all the way through to the Battle of Five armies – there’s a lot that happens in the relatively small The Hobbit. Enough for three movies! Well. Perhaps. The team […]

Godzilla Minus Godzilla: The coolest Kaiju films that don’t feature The Giant “G”!


Joe Badon is a freelance artist who has worked for the likes of Red Moon Comics, Assailant Comics, Rampaging Monster Comics and even University of Mary Washington. His store on Etsy lets you prints geeky prints at gamer-safe prices. Most importantly, right now at least, Joe is running a Kickstarter called Terra Kaiju. [Back this […]

Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection


2000 AD have teamed up with Hachette Partworks to produce a new fortnightly collection of Judge Dredd stories. The idea is that you subscribe online at and gain access to free exclusive gifts. There are, for example, six specially commissioned artwork pieces available to subscribers. Issue #1 will be out in newsagents in the […]