Retro-tech and xenomorphs: The Art of Alien – Isolation

alien isolation

Set in 2137, that’s 15 years after Alien, the first-person survival horror Alien: Isolation is kind of a big deal. This is one of those games that begin to merge with the movie experience. The BBC featured it and the team’s approach to the creativity on the project. The interview included a chat with Sigourney […]

Chaos is awesome: A review of Elric – The Ruby Throne

The Ruby Throne

“Slender but impressive” – two words which could be used to describe the skull-white, 1000 year old, lord of Melniboné or the latest hardback from Titan Comics. The Ruby Throne is the first in a new comic adaption of the books by Michael Moorcock. I’ve not read any of the Elric of Melniboné books but […]

Underwear and explosions: The Power of Tank Girl review

The Power of Tank Girl

There’s lots of Tank Girl in this omnibus. We’ve three different stories in a single collection thanks to Alan C Martin, Ashley Wood and Rufus Dayglo. The stories themselves, if you’re a Collector and need to know, are The Gifting, Visions of Booga and The Royal Escape. You might think you always know what you’re […]

Genre-hopping drama: A review of Ecko Burning


Ecko Burning is the sequel to Ecko Rising. I enjoyed Rising even though I had to wrestle with it. I wrestled less with Burning and enjoyed it more. Our anti-hero is a full tech cyberpunk creation called Ecko. A mission goes wrong, he falls off a roof and wakes up in a fantasy world. There […]