A look inside: Adventure Time cartoon cards

AT title cards_complete-14

Adventure Time – The Original Cartoon Title Cards is a new volume of quirky, brilliant and bizarre title cards. Not sure what a title card is? Title cards typically come after the opening sequence but before the first bit of the show. It’s a chance for the TV program to reveal the episode’s title. In […]

Fanboy and the Fearworms


Fanboy Comics will release a limited edition print run of Robert Payne Cabeen’s Fearworms. Fearworms: Selected Poems will have cover art by the Emmy-nominated and Eisner-winning Bill Sienkiewicz. Sienkiewicz is known for projects like Stray Toasters, New Mutants and Elektra: Assassin. Robert Payne Cabeen’s work (which includes Tainted Treats, Heavy Metal 2000, A Monkey’s Tale […]

Alien Indian steampunk: A review of Jani and the Greater Game

Jani and the Greater Game

Jani and the Greater Game is the first in a new series from sci-fi writer Eric Brown. Brown’s previous books include the likes of Satan’s Reach (Weird Space), Helix Wars, The Devil’s Nebula and plenty of other titles that often involve alien fleets. Readers familiar with Brown’s usual sci-fi style will be forgiven for wondering […]

Grim, dark and compelling: A review of 2000 AD’s Jaegir

JAEGIR cover

Jaegir is a one-shot in the US-format from 2000 AD. The comic book is written by Gordon Rennie (Department of Monsterology), drawn by Simon Coleby (The Royals), coloured by Len O’Grady and lettered by Simon Bowland. Importantly, although Jaegir is a one-shot it is set in the same universe as the classic 2000 AD Rogue […]

Lovecraft’s birthday summons Cthulhu sales!


The 20th of August is HP Lovecraft’s birthday. Happy birthday you old racist git. You did, however, create a whole genre of horror and some of the most iconic terrors of all time. There’s sales on today that geeks should be aware of. You may well want to check out Think Geek’s new site too. […]

Free to Download: Valiant Entertainment partner with DriveThruComics


We’d seen Valiant get a little cosy with OneBookShelf over at DriveThruRPG as the Valiant Universe RPG launched. DriveThruRPG had the exclusive and Valiant helped with temptations like the free to download Valiant RPG QS. Today that relationship got closer. The two companies have announced a new partnership. DriveThruComics will make Valiant’s complete library of […]

The A-Team set in a supernatural Western, Pariah book 2 on Kickstarter

Pariah Missouri

It’s never easy to do a book two on Kickstarter. You tend to automatically exclude everyone who’ve not read book one. Andres Salazar and Decade Brothers have gotten around that problem by providing PDF copies of the first graphic novel at the lowest pledge level. [Back this Campaign] There are previews for both graphic novels available […]