Google it: A review of the Book of the New Sun – Shadow and Claw


This offering from Gollancz’ Fantasy Masterwork series has the first two volumes of Gene Wolf’s (four volume) The Book of the New Sun with The Shadow of the Torturer and The Claw of the Concillator. It’s a book that belongs in the Masterwork series, winning a host of rewards and respect over the years. For […]

Annoyed at Shakespeare: A review of Magic of Myths – Faerie


Magic of Myths: Faerie was launched at the Birmingham Comics Festival this year and is by the same team behind Magic of Myths. The Faerie story is a fantasy based, roughly, on some of the characters from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream – and not all of them are happy with the play. Robin, […]

Audio EXP: Power-hungry necromancers and BrainWebs

kaiju temple

Geek Native’s sound focused Audio EXP makes a return this month. This month we’ve got the first book from Marc Turner’s The Chronicles of the Exile When the Heavens Fall, Douglas E. Richards’ sci-fi BrainWeb and James Cambias’ military sci-fi Corsair. As an added bonus and perhaps for a limited time only a link to […]

The end of the trilogy: A review of Kick-Ass 3


Perhaps you’ve seen the movies and are wondering what happens to Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl next? Kick-Ass 3, which is co-authored by John Romita, has been out for a while now, first as comics, then as a hardback collection and more recently in softback. The graphic novel feels different from the film. The heroes […]

God, Satan and Neil Gaiman: Justin Lee Anderson talks Carpet Diem

Carpet Diem

Justin Lee Anderson was born in Edinburgh, spent much of his childhood in the US thanks to his father’s career in professional football (soccer), before coming back home, via France, to settle into happy family chaos. He’s been writing for 15 years and misses Firefly. Justin’s book, Carpet Diem is just out and so Geek […]

Impossible POW: A review of Valour’s Trial

Valours Trial

Valour’s Trial (or, I suppose, Valor Trial to go by the spelling used in some parts of the world) is another in Tanya Huff’s Confederation series. I really like how easy Huff makes reading. Her books can be layered, clever and are rarely predictable but she manages to make each one a breeze to read […]