How to grab two free Deadlands comic books


Pinnacle Entertainment and Visionary Comics are working with IDW to publish a collection of Deadlands comics books. To promote the range and support local retailers there’s a nice twist in which geeks can unlock two free titles. Anyone who pre-orders Dead Man’s Hand at a local store and then shares “I just got dealt the […]

Sleek superhero Bombshells robes available in January PREVIEWs


PREVIEWS is part magazine and part catalog from Diamond Comic Distributors. The idea is you use it to go to your local comic store and tell them what you want while your local store also uses it to work out what to stock. There are reasons to get engaged; you can book exclusive goodies with […]

8 of the best: Marvel Civil War breaking out across the web

Civil War 8

The next Captain America film will be called Civil War. Now, comic book fans will know what happened in the Mark Millar series but that doesn’t mean the movie will go the same way. The internet has been having fun over the last few days with alternative suggestions as to why the row kicked off. […]

High fantasy steampunk: A review of Girl Genius – Agatha H and the Voice of the Castle

Voice of the Castle

Girl Genius – Agatha H and the Voice of the Castle is the third in the Girl Genius series by Phil and Kaja Foglio and at just about 600 pages long the fattest book yet. I really enjoyed the first two books. We still joke about minmoths here. I’m aware of the original Girl Genius […]

About the Infinity Gauntlet; what powers does it have?


The comic book fans at NeoMan Studios have put together this infographic for Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. This is a mashup of comic book lore of powers and colours of Infinity stones with the Marvel movies they’ve featured on. The Space stone appeared first in Captain America: The First Avenger, then it was the Mind stone […]

Gamer comic Giocomics goes international


Giocomics is the episodic comic strip series by Stefano Castelli and Alan D’Amico. Originally published in Italian, it has now been translated into English. Stefano Castelli is a gamer and game designer; responsible for takes like Turandot and C.O.A.L.: Combat-Oriented Armored League. Alan D’Amico is an artist who has worked on board games like Kingsport […]

A blended potion of comedy and darkness: A review of Finn Fancy Necromancy


Finn Fancy Necromancy flips between humour, which is sometimes slightly immature, like magic eating Pac-man butt tattoos and rather dark subjects like family tragedy and mental health. The opening premise is very strong. Finn Gramarayre is returning to our world after a 25 year long exile to the Other Realm. He was exiled when he […]