Actual alternative: A review of The Star Wars

The Star Wars

The Star Wars is already an award winning comic; picking up the Diamond Gem Award for Best Licensed Comic in 2013. This graphic novel came out this winter and feels like an ideal gift for any Star Wars fans. You can imagine that Star Wars (A New Hope) had a script that was worked on […]

Valiant Comics serves up The Valiant for December


The Valiant is a new, prestige format, limited series from Valiant Comics that’ll hit shelves in December. It’s written by Jeff Lamire (Green Arrow, Animal Man) and Matt Kindt (RAI, Mind MGMT) and illustrated by Paolo Rivera the Eisner Award winner known for his Daredevil work. This is a self-contained comic story that’ll involve Valiant’s […]

Hold tight: Daomu is coming


Daomu is a novel by Chinese author Xu “Kennedy” Lei. Magnetic Press and Evertold are in the last stages of a hardcover graphic novel adaptation. Kennedy oversaw the project himself, with illustration work from Concept Art House, with the goal of producing a first time introduction of his tomb robbing adventure to a western audience. […]

Porcelain: Bone China preview


Improper Books have announced the release of Porcelain: Bone China by Benjamin Read and Chris Wildgoose. Porcelain: Bone China is the second volume of the creator owned Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale trilogy and is due out in the Spring of 2015. A free, full colour preview of the first 12 pages of Bone China […]

Irregular Reconnaissance: Comic Books #8


Irregular Reconnaissance is Geek Native’s catch up with those comic book and graphic novels that have wrestled their way to the top of the pile. This is a collection of micro-reviews, chance to swap notes on what’s worth reading and what’s best left on the shelf. Recommend any comic books or graphic novels? Share your […]

Kickstarting Blake Northcott’s Final Empire


The Arena Mode series from Blake Northcott grew on the author’s hard earned reputation, writing skills and Kickstarter funding. The first novel, Arena Mode, 543% funded and the second, Assault or Attrition, hit 401%. This is the pitch for the third in the series – Final Empire. [Back this Campaign] The novel includes art from […]

Dark cowboy horror: A review of The Shotgun Arcana

The Shotgun Arcana

One of my favourite reads of last year was R.S. Belcher’s Six-Gun Tarot. I recall playing around with words like “Steampunk” and “Lovecraft” to describe the occult western. In the head I mentioned Cthulhu, the Deadlands RPG but not steampunk. I’ll stick to my guns for The Shotgun Arcana. There’s less Lovecraft in The Shotgun […]

Improper Books announce a limited UK release of Night Post


Night Post is the story of a strange mail service. This is one that starts at midnight and delivers to all sorts of supernatural creatures. A preview of the comic book is available below. Improper Books have announced a limited UK indie release of the book by Benjamin Read and Laura Trinder will take place […]

Free to Download: Happy Halloween the horror collection


Happy Halloween is a free comic from indie creators. It’s great to see the indie community giving back to their readers and fans. There are 13 stories in this 62 page collection. Who’s made this possible? Giuseppa Barresi, Brett Burbridge, Andy W Clift, Patrick Cline, Luke Cooper, Shaun Dobie, Mike Garley, David Hailwood, Samantha Holmlund, […]