Was V the last program shown on Sci FI UK or the first of SyFy UK?

It might just be that V isn’t drawing in the audience numbers in America that it needs in order to survive.

Nevertheless, V has a touch of immortality to it in the UK due to key role is played in SyFy’s rebranding.

The date that Sci Fi UK became SyFy UK was Tuesday April the 13th. In fact, SyFy’s press comments said that the UK’s Sci Fi channel would become Syfy at 10pm with the premiere of V.

Sounds simply; but it’s clearly given SyFy’s marketing department a challenge.

I photographed this rather large poster on my way to Internet World. It’s a plug for V. A plug for V on Sci Fi.

What’s wrong with that? Not much, I suppose, except that V, technically, never showed on Sci Fi. The channel was SyFy at 10pm.

I think the argument was that the channel wasn’t called SyFy when the poster was new. Perhaps the marketing department wanted to talk about the channel name that people would know about.

Shame, though, if V was supposed to be the first step towards the SyFy rebrand that these posters – which are stil up, two weeks later – hark back to Sci Fi.

It’s not as if people couldn’t have found either the channel or the show; the poster gives the station number. The station didn’t change place. It’s not a confusing rebranding.

What would you have done? You’ve made the decision to splash some cash in a bit of old school adverts for V – would you call the station Sci Fi or SyFy?

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