The Beast Below – Smilers

The Smilers are a Doctor Who monster from Steven Moffat’s “THe Beast Below” Doctor Who episode. The Beast Below is Amy Pond’s first trip in the TARDIS and the 11th Doctor’s second episode. The pair travel to Starship UK where the British people search space for a new home.

It’s Amy who encounters the Smilers and learns the terrible truth of the voting booth.

The Smilers look spooky to begin with. Old school puppets/humanoids inside glass booths with fake smiles and blank eyes. Their smile is wide rather than high.

When the Smilers are ready to do damage their heads spin around to reveal a nasty grimace with teeth.

We also know from the Doctor himself, via the Beast Below trailer, that there will be very many smilers!

What do you think? How do you rate the Smilers?

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Andrew Girdwood
Andrew Girdwood

I think it changes when we can't see it. It would be simple enough to design the Smiler so it could "hold" three faces. I think they left it looking like there would only be two - so you got an even bigger surprise and the sense of "that shouldn't be there!" when the third face snapped around.


ok i admit there creepy!But i have only one question...and that is...if the smiler has a smile on one side and a normal angry face on the other, then where does the really pissed off one come from! Or does it just change while you cant see it?


OK, the Smilers are largely superfluous to the plot - what's the particular point with that style of clown face? There has to be some post-modern referencing going on, surely. But to what? The awful _Killer Clowns From Outer Space_ movie? I get the Star Wars reference but I've really missed the Smiler one....


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