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Music to roleplay withI wish “Music for Roleplaying” had been one of the first sections I added to GameWyrd as perhaps it would have had a higher profile and been more successful. I still think the internet would benefit from a music database/recommendation service for gamers and scenes.

Lately sites like and Spotify have helped though. seems to be especially good at recommending appropriate music based on tags and there are gamer groups there.

If you’ve any music suggestions for scenes or types of games then please leave a note in the comments section below.

Scene / Theme Album Single: Artist: Style: Contributor:
A ball held by the goblin king Cristifori’s Dream Cristifori’s Dream Daivd Lanz New Age LAdye Amethyst
A bard (female) singing; lots of different fantasy themes. Fires At Midnight Blackmore’s Night New Age Wyrdmaster
A Call of Cthulhu game Any Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne Rock Ceredhion
A Celtic RPG/Traveling along a sea-side Village (None) The Dragon’s Breath David Arkenstone Ambience Luinethondwen
A fight/Race none Brave Heart (techno remix) Paul Oakenfold Techno Sempiternal
Agathering of evil worshipers beneath a full moon Black widow Come to the Sabbat Black widow Rock argonus
A group of adventurers, getting ready for war Kill ’em All The Four Horsemen Metallica Metal fantasia down
A moment of wonder/Entering a enchanted place Music inspired by Middle Earth   David Arkenstone New Age Luinethondwen
A song for a paladin, especially one with inner turmoil/emotional issues Us and Them Heroes Shinedown Rock Nidius
A vampire encounters a dark mage and they fight to the death Damnation and a Day A bruise upon a silent moon Cradle of filth Metal Thornhelm the Skullspilter
Aftermath of killing/eeriness O Brother where Art Thou? Lord show me the way Various Gospel violet
all Under the Violet moon Blackmore night Ambience gurgi
All is Lost/ World Of Darkness Pretty Hate Machine Something I can Never Have Nine Inch Nails Pop BeefcakeTheMity
An evil paladin dies vs. the world Death in Fire Amon amarth Metal Thornhelm the Skullspilter
Any deadly peril unknown Trouble Shampoo Pop MadCelt
Any horror or a heavily dreary campaign Devil May Cry OST 1,2,&3 Various Soundtrack Epiphris
Any part of a Warhammer 40,000 game Living With The Past Protect and Survive Jethro Tull Rock The Supreme One
any superhero game Spiderman 2 soundtrack Ordainary Train Rock shaluus
any vampire the masquerade the nobodies Marilyn Manson Metal Sorrow
Bar Fight It’s been done many times… Ballroom Blitz Blue Oyster Cult Rock Cryomancer
Bar-Room Brawl Uppers And Downers Rumble(d) The Yo-Yos Rock BeefcakeTheMity
Barbarian Rage Kill Maim Burn Kill Maim Burn Debauchery Metal Nasir6
Battle Piper At The Gates of Dawn Interstellar Overdrive Pink Floyd Rock DoppleGanger
Battle We Are Not Alone So Cold Breaking Benjamin Rock Tek
battle (large scale or epic) the phantom menace duel of the fates John Williams Soundtrack Sorrow
Battle in court/Fight against authority Ride the Lightning Creeping Death Metallica Metal chloe
battling a demon final fantasy IX soundtrack trance Kuja battle Ambience Sorrow
Battling a powerful magic user and ruler Wrath of the Tyrant I am the black wizards Emperor Metal Nasir6
Brawling fight sequence. War and Wine All of it!!!! Dukes of Nothing Rock BeefcakeTheMity
Caravan / Travelling on Horses Waiting For The Sun Spanish Caravan The Doors Rock DoppleGanger
Caves / Dungeons Meddle Echoes Pink Floyd Rock DoppleGanger
Circus or Magic Show Sgt. Peppers For The Benefit of Mr. Kite The Beatles Rock DoppleGanger
Colleseum-type battle scenes; appeasing the warlords Holywood Fite Song Maralyn Manson Rock Crawf Riddle
Combat The Headless Children Mean Man WASP Metal Harlequin565
Combat, combat against a female werewolf Cryptic Writings She-Wolf Megadeth Metal Wyrdmaster
Cyber Punk/urban sprawl Give me Convenience or give me death Police Truck Dead Kennedys Punk Agarg
Cyberpunk Cyberpunk Billy Idol Punk Wyrdmaster
Cyberpunk The Matrix Soundtrack Various Metal Rain
Dark Music that’s modern Fallen Everybody’s Fool Evanescence Metal LAdye Amethyst
Driving, Scenes in Las Vegas or Miami, especially those set in the 70’s or 80’s Lounge-a-Palooza Music to Watch Girls By The james Taylor Quartet Jazz Guildenstern
Dungeons and Dragons song N/A N/A Unknown Ambiance Kvetch the Mighty
Elven temple Deep Forest Deep Forest Sweet Lullaby Ambiance Wyrdmaster
Epic Battle Through the Ashes of Empires Bite the Bullet Machine Head Metal lil turtle
Epic Evil Unleashed Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia Puritanica Dimmu Borgir Rock Guildenstern
Epic, building conflic, with PC/ NPC death Wishmaster Fantasmic Nightwish Metal Lord Stavros
Ever find a situation that just intoxicates you? Blue crush Alive P.O.D Rock C-Puff
Fantasy Lord of the Rings Various Soundtrack Wyrdmaster
Father’s Funeral Harvest Old Man Old Man Rock DoppleGanger
Fight with strong enemy/Deamon ? Down With The Sickness Disturbed Rock Faol Falconbreeze
Fighting demons Tubular Bells Tubular Bells part 1 Mike Oldfield Ambiance Aratos
Final Battle! Defeating the ominous evil thingy Ascendancy Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr Trivium Metal lil turtle
Floating Down a River in a Raft or Boat Revolver Tomorrow Never Knows The Beatles Rock DoppleGanger
For riding a desert Exile theme from Edanna makers of Myst New Age Jade
Gentle travelling Live 1993 Little fluffy clouds The Orb Techno Wyrdmaster
Getting pumped for a fight in a modern setting And Then There was X Party Up in Here DMX Rap Guildenstern
giant robots/war machines Sehnsucht Sehnsucht Rammstein Metal nejiblack
Gladiatorial Combat “Gladiator” movie soundtrack Various Soundtrack lordbasl
Gnomes on Adventure! Piper At The Gates of Dawn The Gnome Pink Floyd Rock DoppleGanger
Haunted Church, healing or a strange but calm encounter Love Sensuality Devotion Sadness Enigma Ambiance Wyrdmaster
Healing the Wounded after the Battle Core Creep Stone Temple Pilots Rock DoppleGanger
Hero(es) Ambushing Villian(s)/Villian(s) getting thrashed by hero(es) The Dark Knight Soundtrack Introduce a little Anarchy Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard Soundtrack Nasir6
Heroic Uprising The End Of All Things To Come Not Falling Mudvayne Metal Dossk Brokenhand
Horror. Very frightening and spooky. The Outer Limit John Van Tongeren Ambiance Clemmensen
Humorous Villain’s Theme Music Devil’s Bris When You’re Evil Voltaire New Age lil turtle
Hyborian Age Lore The Black Opera Act 1: The First Seal Opera IX Metal Nasir6
In a fight or at a club (cyberpunk/V:tM) blade soundtracks confusion new order Techno Sorrow
In a tavern between battles. Kings of Metal The Crown and the Ring Manowar Rock Helmut
In the temple final fantasy x soundtrack hymn of the fayth Gospel Sorrow
Large-scale battle The Planets Mars: The Bringer of War Gustav Holst Classical Screaming_Bear
Many ! Perils Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses Classical Mortaeo
Medieval/ any Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Wild Times ? Soundtrack peanut
Mining For Gold Harvest Heart of Gold Neil Young Ambiance DoppleGanger
Mobile Infantry orbital combat drop Dirty Work “One Hit to the Body Rolling Stones Rock lordbasl
Modern Horror In The Flat Field Bauhaus Rock Harlequin565
Moody, Dark, and Depressing Scenes, Lost Hope It’s Raining Today: The Scott Walker Story The Seventh Seal Scott Walker Ambiance Guildenstern
Mystic wiseman / fantasy romance Cross of Changes Return to Innocence Enigma Ambiance Wyrdmaster
Old and ancient things lost The Serpent’s Egg The Host of Seraphim Dead Can Dance Ambiance Wyrdmaster
piracy Under the Jolly Roger Under the Jolly Roger Running Wild Metal praetorian
Poisoned Desert Sessions Don’t Drink Poison QOTSA / KYUSS Ambiance DoppleGanger
Preparing for Battle Sucking the ’70’s Black Betty Throttle Rod Rock Tek
Preparing for the final battle Conan: the Barbarian Soundtrack Anvil of Crom Basil Poledouris Ambiance Nasir6
Quiet, moody and tension -building music. Both calm and tense. Well suited for serious moods. Great for any genre! Smilla’s sense of snow Harry Gregson-Williams & Hans Zimmer Classical Clemmensen
Raining Sgt. Peppers Fixing A Hole The Beatles Rock DoppleGanger
Ravenloft undead demanufacture new breed fearfactory Metal Elwyn Silvereyes
Riding in the badlands Boomslang The Last Ride Johnny Marr + the Healers Rock Guildenstern
Running From Monsters Help! Help! The Beatles Rock DoppleGanger
S**t hitting the fan in a Call of Cthulhu game Let sleeping gods lie 6 gun gorgan Dynamo The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets Rock Kthulhu309
Sadness Ennio Morricone Chi mai Ennio Morricone Soundtrack Wyrdmaster
Sea Venture Seventh son of the seventh son rhyme of the ancient mariner Iron Maiden Metal Elwyn Silvereyes
Sea Venture Powerslave rime of the ancient mariner Iron Maiden Metal Elwyn Silvereyes
Shadowrun We Came To Kill Funker Vogt Techno TrueMarik
Shadowrun Fallen Evanescence Rock TrueMarik
Slaughtering and/or Pillaging The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand Before the Hangman’s Noose Devildriver Metal lil turtle
Sneaking into a temple The Interzone Mantras Mantra The Tea Party Rock Snow in August
Snowscape or a gentle seascape. Escape From Television Crockett’s theme Jan Hammer Ambiance Wyrdmaster
Stranded in unknown wilderness of vast beauty ??? Endless Column Blue Man Group Ambiance Snow in August
The Aftermath of a battle/Starting off on a journey Avalon: A Celtic Legend Guinerere’s Tears David Arkenstone Ambiance Luinethondwen
The Appearance of a Demon- for a Medival or Renissnace setting THe Phantom of the Opera Overture Instrumental Soundtrack PhantomBard00
The End of The World Sunn Amps & Smashed Guitars Ripped on Facist Ideas Earth Ambiance BeefcakeTheMity
Travelling Between Towns Days Of Future Past Tuesday Afternoon Moody Blues Rock DoppleGanger
Vampire the Masquerade/D20 Modern setting setup Anichrist Superstar Angel With The Scabbed Wings Marilyn Manson Rock Serai
Various creatures from horror stories Horror Show Iced Earth Metal praetorian
Victory… at what cost? The Contino Sessions dirge Death in Vegas Ambiance Wyrdmaster
Visiting an exotic, yet peaceful land Civilization 4 Soundtrack Baba Yetu Christopher Tin Ethnic Nasir6
Watching the dancing girl. Brand new day Desert Rose Sting New Age C-Puff
Woodland & country side Shadow of the moon Blackmore Knight Ethnic gurgi
World Of Darkness The Downward Spiral Hurt Nine Inch Nails Ambiance BeefcakeTheMity
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Andrew Girdwood
Andrew Girdwood

Ah! Philip Glass! That's the recommendation I was trying to remember. Thank you.


Depending on genre, I've had success with using some of the above plus:anything by Loreena McKennitmuch by Enya or ClannadKoyaanisqatsi and other works by Philip Glasstraditional music of the area eg. classical or folk Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, Trouvere music