Groot news from Hot Toys, spoilers too

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This post contains spoilers for those folk who haven’t yet seen Guardians of the Galaxy. You lot must be fed up about the geek web banging on and on about the film. Hopefully that’s not the reason you finally go to see it.

The risk of spoilers means you should go read the next post or check out Geek Native’s collection of short films if you’ve not watched the film. You might not want any clues.

The rest of us know. There’s a money making scene in the film that Marvel must – surely – be ready for. We should be bracing ourselves for lots of dancing Groot options.

Hot Toys are in on the action. They have a Rocket and Groot model set that you can pre-order now. The two models are seperate but they go together to let you re-create that famous trailer scene.




The set will set you back nearly $360 now or you can pay on a monthly plan. The models are 6.3″ and 15.35″ high each but we don’t yet know the weight. What we do know is that if you pre-order you’ll get a bonus figure. You’ll get a dancing baby Groot.


I very much doubt the Hot Toys dancing Groot actually dances. Equally, I’m sure someone somewhere will get approval to sell us cute little dancing Monarch of Planet X models.

You can find out more at Sideshow Collectibles’s product page.

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Geek Native
Geek Native

It's all about asking the tough questions! :)

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Janet Hughes

All of them!! You can't possibly expect us to just pick one!! :O