Square Enix and Gamepot bring Fantasy Earth Zero (beta access)

Square Enix have been talking about letting Western developers continue the Final Fantasy franchise. Shocking? Perhaps – but it’s an illustration of how necessary it is for the RPG giant to crack the western market.

Another step towards the West is the news that Square Enix to bring their free to play MMO Fantasy Earth to America (and, we presume, Europe).

Fantasy Earth Zero call their combat “Hyper-Active Battle System”. A good example of how frantic the game can get comes from Thomas Lee, Gamepot’s director of business and marketing, who said;

“Our 50 vs. 50 PvP system is pure, pulse-pounding excitement. And now, for the first time ever, North American players can step into a world from the creators of so many high-quality RPGs, completely for free.”

Gamepot are in the loop as their LA office should allow them to network and market in the West more easily than the Japan based Square.

The MMO is already accepting a waiting list for beta access and if you’re interested you need to pop over to the Gamepot servers.

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