Let’s hope Guardians of the Galaxy breaks the usual “long trailer” rule


Have you heard of this rule – “the longer the trailer – the worse the movie”?

I have. Sad to say that it often holds true. I remain a huge fan of all the Guardians of the Galaxy trailers but I’m beginning to wonder at the tactics. Why so many long clips?

One theory is that Marvel is worreid that people won’t know what the movie is about and will assume it’s not for them. Will superhero fans avoid it because it’s a sci-fi? Will sci-fi fans avoid it because it’s all superheroes? That might be the gremlins the long trailers are hoping to avoid.

What do you think?

Do you like the latest extended trailer? Keen on the movie?

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I think it'll be good, but it's the biggest move from the established universe they've done since Thor, and none of the characters are household names. I can understand the nerves.

AndrewGirdwood moderator

@walstafa So you think the long trailers are there to help people understand the film before they see it?


@AndrewGirdwood Yeah, I think they're trying to get a buzz out that says "Trust us, we've got this!" The International trailer opened with "From the studio that gave you Iron Man, Avengers Assemble and Thor - The Dark World". 

This movie is probably the gutsiest roll of the dice they've done yet and their first piece of promotion for it (that weird post-credit thing after The Dark World) didn't do the best job of whetting people's appetites for the concept. I genuinely hope this works out, or they could just retreat to doing Avengers-verse sequels until their stars contracts expire.