Help kickstart RPG dice for the visually impaired

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This is a really good idea. Braille dice that come in all the varieties gamers use. No wonder this humble Kickstarter is smashing targets.

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These dice will all be 3D printed. That’s one of the factors that makes the $1 pledge tier so interesting. For just $1 you can get a sketchup and STL file for any one die. In other words; if you can 3D print then you cna print your own. This Kickstarter isn’t about controlling the supply of Braille dice. Ths Kickstarter is about getting Braille dice made.

The dice themselves aren’t cheap. $15 will get you any 1 dice but not the D20. There’s no shipping outside the US either. Had this been a company rather than a friend aiming to do right for a friend I would have quibbled. In this case it makes sense. There’s no need to overcomplicate things. We’re just trying to fund some dice.

There are economies of scale here. $30 will get you 7 dice; one of everything. If you need international shipping then the same deal is there at $50. So it’s not as if these dice won’t travel. It’s just that no one is going to send a single dice across the Atlantic.


57 Total Shares
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