Worth a shout: Basic Adventuring 101


I watched the pilot episode of Basic Adventuring 101 and then wanted to watch another. It was then that I discovered the series was pending the outcome of a Kickstarter. It doesn’t usually happen that way around any more but I think it speaks well of the show that they were able to earn attention in that way.

I think the pilot does better than any pitch video but there is one, just under 4 minutes, on the Kickstarter campaign page.

The campaign will close on the 2nd of June and needs $25,000. At the time of writing this post the series has attracted over 80 backers and nearly $9,000. It’s been quite hard for LARP/YouTube hybrids to raise cash on Kickstarter but Basic Adventuring 101 is in with a shout.

One of the problems LARP series face is the “What do I get?” question. That’s a tough question to answer when it is asked by a group of gamers used to free content on video sites. Basic Adventuring 101 reward pledges start at $10. With that you get early access to each episode as well as a download of the all lot. Stepping up to $25 takes you into extra content, outtakes and soundtracks. There is a $10,000 tier and that’s ideal if you a LARP system you’d like to see as a sponsor and have the team adopt.

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