Talk Yoda to Me

I tell you what – geeks seem pretty good at taking Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty and making it their own.

In this video Vicki Shae gives as the parody “Talk Yoda to Me” in a track that was released in time for Star Wars Day (May the 4th) this year. Star Wars fans; what do you think?

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Kimberly Chapman
Kimberly Chapman

I loved the Talk Nerdy To Me parody.  Loved, loved, loved it.  This?  I turned it off within the first third.

The other parody was really inclusive and made it very clear that geek girls are welcome, awesome, and not "fake".  It basically had the message that if you're nerdy, you're part of the group.

This one is pure male gaze fantasy where the dude gets to be a slob but the woman is a hottie who exists to make his light saber pop.  Boring.

AndrewGirdwood moderator

@Kimberly Chapman  I'm not at all surprised by your assessment. As I recall I did try to tag this post "Slave Leia" while in automatic mode until my active brain took back control and I remembered the tag I should be using was "Princess Leia". 

I think a possible saving throw comes from the weird "what are you doing?" Shae starts to pull.