The Samurai Noir RPG “A World of Dew” going strong on Kickstarter

Ben Woerner’s Samurai Noir is billed as a sequel to John Wick’s Blood & Honor. It’s a game that offers players the chance to visit their favourite Chambara style characters.

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Launched on May 13 and set to run for 26 days, A World of Dew wants only £2,000 to fun. It’s raised more than $7,000 from 136 backers so far. The good news is that there are a number of stretch goals – the first four going up to $8,000 and the remaining three still being coy at what level they’ll unlock.

The success of the Kickstarter has already ensured full colour printing and two author/artist partnerships for the companion book; The Sound of Water.

Backers get a PDF copy of both Blood & Honor and World of Dew at the $10 pledge mark. Softcovers unlock, with $15 shipping to escape the US, at only $25. There’s still some $100 signed hardback editions left.

world of dew

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