Watch the Constantine trailer (UK)

NBC have released the first official trailer for their new Constantine show. Blogs have picked up the YouTube version which, oddly, is blocked in the UK. In a show of digital marketing smarts the very same trailer is available for all, even outside of America, to watch on Facebook.


What do you think? I’m torn. Could be good… but my grumble with Constantine as a whole is that the potential is never quite lived up to. When he flashes great magical skills then all the other character aspects fade to pointlessness.

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Is this the "new" Supernatural?

AndrewGirdwood moderator

@yitsushi  I suspect NBC will be quite happy if the series turns out to be as popular as Supernatural. In fairness to Constantine, though, if there are any overlaps in style and ideas - safe to safe Constantine comic book series got there first. 

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@AndrewGirdwood that's why there are quotation marks. I do not meant to negative comment. I wish it will be better and longer live then the mentioned one, with less stupidity.