Worldwide exlusive Ghost in the Shell steelbook comes to Zavvi

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Manga UK has been on a roll with impressive steelbook releases of some of the classic anime. They’ve put together AKIRA and Ninja Scroll steelbook releases and the next one on the hit list is Ghost in the Shell.

The Steelbook release comes with a 24-paged booklet that features an interview with Mamoru Oshii and a look at how the original manga evolved.

Steelbooks are popular with collectors because they’re durable but far more pleasingly tacticle than the plastic blu-ray cases. If you’re buying a disc, rather than streaming, then you’re probably looking to collect. If that’s the case then a few extra quid on a limited edition makes a lot of sense. Manga UK know their audience with this one.

Zavvi have the worldwide exclusive on the Steelbook. You can pre-order now and the release date is currently set of 29th September, this year.


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Jerome Mazandarani
Jerome Mazandarani

Hey guys! 

Thanks for the coverage. I just want to issue a correction to your article if that's ok. Zavvi has an exclusive pre-order window on the GITS Steelbook for one week. They do not have a trade exclusive as this implies fans can only buy the steelbook on the Zavvi website. Anyone interested in buying the steelbook will be able to pre-order it from other sites like Play,, Amazon etc starting this weekend. Each site has it's own content management system to implement, so I can't guarantee everyone will have it available at exactly the same time, but it is safe to assume that all UK e-commerce sites will have it listed by the end of next week. HMV, Forbidden Planet, Travelling Man etc will also have it on shelf on 29th September, but hurry because stock is very limited.

What anime classic do you guys want to see on steelbook and in HD next?

Keep up the amazing work.


Jerome (Head of marketing & acquisitions, Manga Entertainment Ltd)