Unofficial Dungeons & Dragons 40th anniversary t-shirt


R.J. Thompson writes the OSR blog Gamers & Grognards and has an eye on a big birthday. Dungeons & Dragons was published in 1974. This means that 2014 will be the RPGs 40th birthday.

In fact, D&D’s 40th might be this month. Jon Peterson, an author who investigates the history of games, suggests the exact birthday is Sunday, January 26th, 2014. His research is published on his blog.

Over on Zazzle and in the Gamers & Grognards store you can find this “40th Anniversary of RPGs t-shirt“. No one selling the tee is calling it a “Dungeons & Dragons t-shirt”. I just happen to link the two and like to think of it as an unofficial t-shirt to celebration to the birthday.


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R.J. Thompson
R.J. Thompson

Ryan of Gamers & Grognards here. I'm not looking at this strictly as the anniversary of D&D. When Gary and Dave released the first boxed set of OD&D to the public in 1974, they introduced the world to role playing games. No RPG, not pen & paper nor video, would have existed without this. From leveling up, to turn based combat, to magic weapons that state a +bonus to them, it all started with this game and this release. We are celebrating the 40th Anniversary or RPGs!