Cool: Fighting Fantasy’s The Warlock of Firetop Mountain comes to the iPhone

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It’s true. A company called Big Blue Bubble is to thank – and credit for having a groovy name too!

If you want to stop reading and start playing then the link to the UK app store is here.

The game works as you’d expect. Tap the pages to flip the pages. Shake the iPhone (making use of the accelerometer) to roll the dice. An in-game save (I always cheated at Final Fantasy, hey, I was 7) and TLC on the artwork.

If you rate the game based on the music then you might think it was “Escape from the Elevator of Doom!” – arg, musiak! Other than that…

… well, actually. Straight off you’ll find that the page flipping is a little bizarre. You always seem to turn dozens of pages and you’ll be shown a blurry animation for that. I found it a little hard to squint at. My eyes objected.

The game takes care of most of the automation for you. After a typically painstaking walkthrough of the mechanics the application will make you roll the die and lock/open options to you based on your failure/success.

As much as this is a cool app just for being I don’t think it’ll wow the socks off anyone. Me? I’ve splashed the £2 necessary, installed it on my iPod Touch and it’ll now be a useful travelling aid for the next time I’m stuck in an airport (which happens rather a lot to this blogger!)

Thanks to Damir Slogar, Bruno Mateus and their team!

173 Total Shares