13th Age out performs Numenera as hottest RPG

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Russell Morrissey, owner of the hugely popular RPG community, EN World, posted an interesting chart of popular RPGs to his Google+ account.

It shows that more gamers are talking about Pelgrane Press’s 13th Age than they are about Monte Cook’s Numenera.


The data is pretty compelling too. It looks back over the last 90 days and isn’t restricted to just EN World. The Hot Games Forum takes data from EN World, RPGnet, UK Roleplayers, RPG Geek, the RPG Bloggers network the RPG Blog Alliance. Geek Native is part of the RPG Blog Alliance.

The page itself shows three charts; “Hot Roleplaying Games”, “D&D Editions” and a Spotlight List currently set to “Top 10 SCi-fi RPGs”. On the metrics D&D Next blows away Pathfinder (which is classified as a D&D Edition) and Numenera is the most buzzed about sci-fi RPG.


What do you make of these charts? They show how D&D dominates the discussion across the industry. This isn’t sales data.

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Andrew Girdwood
Andrew Girdwood

Thanks for the Podcast link!

I agree that ENWorld skews the stats as it's a big influence on them and historically D&D centric. There's about 900 other blogs in the data too and RPGNet, though.