Kickstart the Ningyo

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Geek Native’s featured The Green Ruby Pumpkin already. The short movie wowed geeks last year and picked up, with ease, a staff pick at Vimeo. It’s certainly very interesting to see what these movie makers will be doing next.

I don’t know much about the Japanese legend of the Ningyo but it’s a “real” one. The “human fish” is often translated to mermaid but as the concept art from the creative team suggests a far more complex and slightly scary creature. As the Kickstarter says the legend also hints that whoever eats the flesh of a Ningyo will earn remarkable longevity.


The feature will be set in 1909 so I wonder if there will be a touch of steampunk to it.

All in all this is an ambitious project but one that may well appeal to gamers. Are you tempted to support the project?

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