Twitter accounts to follow this International #TableTopDay

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TableTopDay_logoIt’s International TableTop Day! You may well have noticed by now as the web is all a flutter about it.

How is Geek Native taking part? This blog is covering the virtual side of the event. You might risk a peek at 5 RPG Kickstarters or even join one of 10 Google+ RPG communities and hopefully grab one of the 20 free products at the TableTop Day sale.

International TableTop Day should be about trying something new. If a new Google+ community, game or Kickstarter project isn’t for you then what about following a few new Twitter accounts? It’s an easy way to support the hobby and a great way to stay in the loop. The Twitter accounts here are a mix of the small to the large.

1: @TableTop

This is Geek & Sundry’s official Twitter account for the TableTop program. No other account could take the number 1 position here.

2: @GygaxMagazine

It’s the new Gygax Magazine and it’s published by Luke and Ernie Gygax. The company name? TSR. How appropriate that next generation of the Gygax legacy is on Twitter.

3: @MakeBelieveGame

Mark Rein-Hagen created the famous Vampire: the Masquarade. His new company is called Make-Believe Games and does board, party, card and roleplaying games. At the time of posting they’ve less than 100 followers so you could be one of the first.

4: @13thAge

A new fantasy RPG by Rob Heinsoo and Jonthan Tweet being published by Pelgrane Press. This may be one of the most talked about games of 2013. Worth following?

5: @Cubicle7

Today isn’t just International TableTop Day. Today also marks the return of Doctor Who to TV. It’s Cubicle 7 who have the Doctor Who RPG license and they’re supporting today by offering the game at 50% off in the DriveThru RPG sale.

6: @FateStormVRS

This indie studio has just released their Shattered Moon, a dark, post apocalyptic fairytale setting and therefore a great time to take a look.

7: @CroneRPG

An RPG about witches that blends the traditional RPG with that of CCGs like Magic: The Gathering for a fast paced game. Not your usual discovery.

8: @Chronicle_City

Chronicle City is a new big fish in the RPG pond. Set up by industry expert Angus Abranson the company is already supporting dozens of indie publishers. That’s worth a follow.

9: @Tw33t_RPG

Tweet RPG is entirely free and lets you get your gaming fix via Twitter. Will it be long before we see publishers offering something similar?

10: @TableTopDay

Ah-ha! International TableTop Day has its own Twitter account. It might only happen once a year but it’s still worth following.

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