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Echoes from the Wyrd: Issue #14

Beyblade Trading Card Game

Feel the Friction… Sense the Spin… A New “Revolution” in Trading Card Games!

(Norfolk, VA) – Decipher is proud to announce that it has acquired a license from d-rights Inc. via Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana to produce a new trading card game based on the popular ABC Family cartoon and extreme-sport toy phenomenon, BEYBLADE. The Beyblade Trading Card Game (TCG) will be introduced in stores worldwide for the 2003 holiday season.

The Beyblade Phenomenon is in Full Spin!
Since Beyblade’s introduction in Japan over three years ago, millions of Beyblade tops have been sold around the world with new products launching monthly through 2004. The excitement for these battling tops has been so extreme that the world championship in Tokyo sold out in one day and attracted 15,000 spectators! The Beyblade Battle Association (BBA) has events planned throughout North America in 2003 and 2004.

Beyblade’s success has now reached far beyond Japan. The television show, which airs nine times per week on ABC Family, has also seen unprecedented ratings. Currently it is one of the top rated shows among boys ages 9-14. In the United Kingdom, it’s the #1 series on Cartoon Network UK among kids ages 4-15 and 10-15. The show also maintains top ratings in Latin America, Canada, Germany and Australia. Beyblade VFORCE! will air this fall and will include 51 new episodes. In addition, the Japanese Beyblade movie showed record-breaking sales with over 85,000 children attending on the first day alone. A massive global advertising campaign is currently underway and incorporates a cross marketing campaign with companies such as Burger King, Kellogg’s and Frito Lay.

Other products surrounding the Beyblade property include a game launching on Nintendo Game Cube during Fall 2003 with additional titles and platforms in 2004.

About the game
To recreate the suspense and fast paced action of a Beyblade battle, Decipher’s Beyblade TCG combines the simple mechanics of a draw-and-play trading card game with revolutionary new mechanics that actually challenge players to keep their tops spinning. Each player fields a battling top and then proceeds to play cards to hit and knock the opponent’s top out of the battle arena. Card play is fast and furious. Famous characters from the hit television show, such as Kai and Tyson, lend their help in the form of unique character cards that allow their experience and techniques to power your blade to victory. Event cards also allow you to build a personal deck strategy to help score lethal hits more effectively.

With two different play levels, the Beyblade TCG is accessible to even the youngest TCG players. In its simplest form, players as young as seven-years-old can play a simplified color-matching version of the game. For the more advanced players, game text and more complex deck building offer deeper strategies and a more multifaceted game experience.

With Decipher’s exquisite art and exciting screen shots from the TV show, this first set of over 130 cards will be just as thrilling to collect, as it is to play. An added bonus is the powerful foil xtra-rare cards found in booster packs. The Beyblade TCG targets players age 7 and up.

Look for special retail and mass market cross promotions introducing more unique foil cards and powers for Beyblade TCG players. In addition, new expansions will be introduced every four months to keep the “Blader Jam” rocking!

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Beyblade Toys
Beyblade Toys

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