Tweet RPG and Grim Tree Games put £20 bounty on logo hunt

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Grim Tree GamesSam Richard’s TweetRPG is just as it sounds – roleplaying by Twitter. Sam chatted to Geek Native back in May 2012 and discussed the concept. I asked; “Can anyone rock up and join the game?

Yes. There are no subscription, no monthly fees, no extra content that you have to pay for to get the full experience – Tweet RPG is for anyone and everyone! You can join in at any point, so don’t worry if you’ve missed the start of the current adventure.

The adventures continue and players are about to start a new campaign, returning to sci-fi setting of Starfall, where mechs battle against corporate greed.

The TweetRPG GM account had this to say;

Grim Tree Games is a UK game retailer that sells a range of native geek products, from RPGs, to card games, board games and even party games.

If you fancy the chance at sketching up something in exchange for £20 then pop over to the logo competition page with the Friday, 1st of March deadline in mind.

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