Free RPG Day NeoExodus Adventures for Pathfinder Kickstarts

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Free RPG Day is a good idea. It’s goal is to get gamers to try something new. This supports the industry as a whole. Organised by Impressions the event makes use of local stores to offer quality free RPGs to gamers as a starting off point. This year Free RPG Day is June 15th and will also include gamer related items like dice, food, comics, etc.

The deadlines for publishers close far before June and we saw some initial Kickstarter activity at the end of 2012. Obatron Productions, for example, Kickstarted Tunse’al in conjunction with the event. This project from LPJ Design might be cutting the deadlines close but looks to put 500 paper copies of a NeoExodus adventure, using Pathfinder rules, in boxes going out to some of the local retailers.

Louis Porter Jr asked for $2,500 to find the project and with 35 days to go (at the time of posting) the team has 57 backers and $2,600+ in cash. The first stretch goal is at $3,000 in which the PDF Enemies of NeoExodus: First Ones is added to anyone who’s pledged a generous $50 or more.

LPJ Design has experience in doing adventures for Free RPG Day and did NeoExodus Adventures: Undying Legacy of the First Ones last year. This year we’re looking at an adventure called Temple of the Forbidden God. Given today marks the start of the Year of the Snake it feels like a good day to note that the project, with its snake warrior cover, has been successful.

Temple of the Forbidden God

9 Total Shares