50 Years of Doctor Who: Cubicle 7 offer a subscription deal

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British publisher Cubicle 7 have the Doctor Who RPG license. Their game is Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space which will do nicely when the BBC air Doctor Who: Adventures in Space and Time to mark the 50th anniversary of the iconic show.

Cubicle 7 have their own plans for the 50th birthday day; they will release a series of sourcebooks for the RPG that takes a look at each incarnation of the Doctor, his companions, allies, gadgets and, of course, his enemies. The books have images from the Doctor’s adventures of that generation, will be about 160 pages, the First and Second Doctor have full colour covers and black and white interiors while the Doctors who broadcast on colour TV have full colour books.

If you complete the set they’ll stack nicely together on the shelf.


The clever idea is that you can subscribe now and easy the way to collect the whole series. That’s very handy for Cubicle 7 (although they do let you cancel) and for you as a subscription represents a big discount.

The first subscription deal gets all 11 books, in physical and in PDF and costs $315/£216 plus shipping. That’s about two free books.

The second subscription variant only covers the early years, so up to the Sixth Doctor and costs $175 or £120 plus shipping. That’s about one free book.

More information at Cubicle 7.

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