Strange Survey | Echoes #13

Echoes from the Wyrd: Issue #12

Strange Survey

We’re giving away even more prizes this month at GameWyrd and once again we’re letting you pick the prize. All you have to do is get to the end of the strange survey and then let us know whether you fancy winning an Amazon voucher of a Viking Games’ d20 adventure. If you’re the lucky winner then you’ll win your preferred prize. It’ll take about three minutes and you’ll be asked about such pressing questions as “Do you like to roleplay?” and “What type of movies do you like?” Easy.

Avatar Art Gallery

Okay. So it’s not hard to find good art on the internet… but this gallery is different. The pictures here are specially designed to be good avatars. What’s an avatar? That’s the picture you might use for forums or for an instant messenger, like MSN Messenger 6, that lets you have a user picture.

What’s more is that you’re free to take these pictures. GameWyrd’s bought them and is now giving them away free. You don’t have to become an art thief just to have a cool looking avatar.

The pictures in the gallery are just a start (and there are plenty of them). V Shane is working on even more for us. Are you an artist? Would you like your own section in the avatar gallery? It could happen and it could be just what you’re looking for to promote your work (and website). Contact the Wyrdmaster for details.

Evil Eye and Treasure Hunt Winners

Wyrdling DoppleGanger continues his winning streak Evil Eye and wins Power Classes: Explorer. Remorhaz stopped the DoppleGanger from completing his double hattrick by winning the Treasure Hunt himself. In doing so he’s won Power Classes: Hedge Wizard.

GameWyrd’s Mark of Approval goes to Wolfenburg . The site is a slick and professional Warhammer fantasy site. The text-based game has over 3000 members, active forums, and is an extremely easy site to navigate.

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