Warlock Purple resolves Eldar army court case

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Magistrates in Sevenoaks, England, acquitted 28 year old Christopher Kelly from stealing £300 worth of Warhammer 40K miniatures.

Kelly had been acused to taking two cases of models from Thomas Gunyon while they travelled back from a tournament in Nottingham. The model carrying cases were supposed to contain an impressive collection; six fire dragons, two Eldar grav tanks, ten dire avengers, six warp spiders, four jet bikes, six harlequins, five shadow spectres, one of which is a phoenix lord, one wraith lord and two farseers.

Kelly was acquitted after the magistrates decided the key witness, a 15 year old youth, was unreliable. Police had found two similar cases at Kelly’s home but the gamer insisted he could prove that those were his cases becuse of the “Warlock Purple” colour painted onto the latches.

The defence summed up their case by saying;

“We have heard that this isn’t a game to Christopher Kelly, it’s a labour of love. He was only ever a helpful person to the younger people at the store.”

Via This is Kent. Image by D3adD1g1t.

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