Paizo Publishing sponsors Gen Con for the next three years

genconGen Con has secured sponsorship for the next three years, ending with Gen Con Indy 2015 in a deal with Pazio Publishing.

The Pathfinder publisher will boost their Gen Con presence by about 30% this year. This means growing from Booth #203 to supporting events hosted in the Sagamore Ballroom of the Indiana Covention Center.

Paizo isn’t Gen Con’s only multi-year sponsor. Mayfair Games also has a similar deal.

Erik Mona, of Paizo, said;

“Paizo’s new sponsorship of the show is a reflection of Gen Con’s importance to our business, to Pathfinder RPG players, and to the greater community of gamers. I haven’t missed a Gen Con since my first, in 1995. And I never will. Gen Con is the best game convention in America, a giant gathering of fellow gamers, and the best gaming marketplace you could imagine. Year after year, I come for the great gaming and the new releases, but these days I also go because it’s a reunion of all the friends I’ve made there over the years. It’s the year’s greatest can’t-miss event.”

Speaking for Gen Con, CEO Adrian Swartout added;

“Gen Con is privileged to have such a strong partner. Adventure and storytelling games create lifelong memories, and those unforgettable experiences are what Gen Con and Paizo have committed to create together.”

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