Free to Download: The Caravan of Watched Enlightenment

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Lady Ophelia’s Shop of Roleplay Specialties is an indie publisher run by Venus De Coy. De Coy doesn’t mix her words has given Ophelia’s Shop a clear stter; this is a conmpany for non-dungeon crawlers, pushing roleplay over roll-play. The publisher also has plenty of time for international gamers, like this blogger, but promotes a Made in the USA small business believe and every adventure published is playtested in the US.

Writers for Dungeons and Dragons (2, 3 and 3.5), Pathfinder (no Inner Sea), Call of Cthulhu (system only), Castles and Crusades (system only) and Fiasco are being invited to submit proposals for adventures.

Ophelias Shop of Roleplay Specialties

The Caravan of Watched Enlightenment, written by Venus De Coy, is a Pathfinder adventure from Lady Ophelia’s Shop of Roleplay Specialties and is free to download.

You are charged with escorting a caravan that is traveling to a Holy Festival. But along the way, members of your caravan begin to die of mysterious causes. As the caravan party begins to lose faith, can you and your escort team find out who is responsible before more people die? Or, will the death come to you?

Tempted? Free download.

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