Houserule Handbooks: Spellpoint Expansions

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Super Genius Games, founded by Hyrum Savage and Stan!, is an imprint for OtherWorld Creations. The publisher creates supplements for Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu and picked up the rights to Warlords of the Apocalypse from Adamant Entertainment.

The Houserule Handbooks from SGG are available from as a Pathfinder supplement. The latest offering, Houserule Handbooks: Spellpoint Expansions was added to the collection yesterday. The PDF only costs $3.99.

Spellpoint Expansions

Author Owen K.C. Stephens designed the spell points system introduce in Houserule Handbooks: Spell Points to create a fluid and flexible spell resource mechanism that was closer to what is commonly depicted in fantasy fiction. Designed to be a flexible, simple set of rules for replacing the normal spell slot/spell preparation system used by spellcasters in Pathfinder, the popular book did little to show how the spell point mechanic can be used to create new options and mechanics beyond just tracking spellcaster resources. We slightly expanded the system in Houserule Footnotes: Spell Point Feats, which is really the first effort to grow the spell point system to be more comprehensive, able to cover all spellcasting related classes, archetypes, and combinations, as well as provide new ways that spell points can be used to add more flavorful options to a campaign.

Spellpoint Expansions builds on the rules in Houserule Handbooks: Spell Points starts off with options for the alchemist, which was left out of the first book since the thought at the time was that an alchemist’s infusions were different enough from spells, both conceptually and game mechanically, that there was no need to attempt to shoehorn them into using the same spell point rules as “normal” spellcasters. However, soon after the release of since the release of Houserule Handbooks: Spell Points, one of the most common requests has been to provide an “extract point” system compatible with spell points in order to give alchemists the same flexibility as other magic-using classes. And so for those GMs who prefer to keep all their spell-like rules unified, Spellpoint Expansions outlines how to use the spell point rules with alchemists We also discuss how to determine spell points/level for new based classes not covered in either of the previous Houserule Handbooks: Spell Points books, next up is a discussion of how spell points interact with archetypes, multiclass characters, and prestige classes, and then we end with a a section on integrating favored class bonuses with the spell point system.

With this support material, its possible to use the spell points rules for any class, and customize feats and bonuses to give different traditions of magic within a campaign their own unique feel.

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