Heavy Gear Blitz! Forged in Fire – Southern Field Guide


Southern Field Guide

Dream Pod 9’s Forged in Fire – Southern Field Guide for Heavy Gear Blitz! was uploaded to DriveThru RPG on Christmas Eve.

The supplement contains the complete army lists for the Southern Republic Army, MILICIA, the Humanist Alliance Protectorate Force, Mekong Peacekeepers and Eastern Sun Emirate Retines. The standard price is listed as $59.99 but you can currently grab the PDF set for $20.

The download set includes three different files.

  1. The Heavy Gear Blitz Forged in Fire Southern Field Guide PDF supplement
  2. Datacard pages of the PDF in a landscape format for optimised viewing
  3. Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual Core Rulebook Revised PDF

In addition the Southern Field Guide includes detailed backgrounds on the Southern Leagues, a miniature gallery and background on the Battle of Port Oasis.

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