Necronomicon fragment LARP scrolls

The Litany of Dagon scroll Geek Native shared in August had its fans so I took notice when I came across Zarono on Etsy selling a range of Cthulhu and Necronomicon scrolls. The experience feels in keeping with the H.P. Lovecraft experience; I was browsing through Etsy’s wonders when I noticed the strange designs on aged paper, before I knew it, I was lost in a library of horrors.

Zarono describes these crolls as props for RPGs and LARPs or perhaps just decoration for your sanctum sanctorum.

Rlyeh Text Necronomicon page


Lilith succubus Necronomicon page


Unspeakable monster Cthulhu LARP fragment


Dark Occult LARP prop


Spider Demon sword and sorcery LARP page


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