Mayfair announce “Catan: Explorers and Pirates”

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Catan Explorers and Pirates

Mayfair games have a new $50 Settlers of Catan expansion. The Catan: Explorers and Pirates add-on supports three or four players and will last around 90 minutes.

The new expansion includes three missions and five scenarios designed to be mixed and matched to extend the number of unique uses you’ll get from the game. The box contains wood components of 16 harbor settlements, 32 adventurers, 12 ships, 8 settlers, 12 markers, 4 pirate ships, 6 fish and 24 spice sacks. There are also 76 die cut coins, frame pieces, hexes, token and cards.

The game’s five scenarios are Explorers and Pirates!, Fish for Catan!, Land Ho!, Pirate Lairs! and Spices of Catan!. The introductory scenario is Land Ho! in which players explore the sea and try to colonise two islands. The largest, most challenging, scenario is Explorers and Pirates which consists of three missions, combining Pirate Lairs!, Fish for Catan! and Spices for Catan!

60 Total Shares