Alluria’s Pathfinder bundle: 65% off a sea-themed collection

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Alluria Publishing have a “Super Pathfinder Holiday Mega-Bundle” on sale at DriveThru RPG. The usual value of the gaming books is just over $88 but with the bundle discount in place the actual total is $30. That’s a 65% discount.

The catch? Alluria’s not said when the holiday mega-bundle deal comes to a close.

The bundle has a theme – the Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting. This is a nautical / underwater themed bundle suitable for Pathfinder.

The Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting was nominated for the best electronic book in the 2011 ENnie Awards. That’s an achievement and I’m not surprised there’s a gathering of 5/5 reviews for it on DriveThru RPG. The campaign setting is usually $19.95.

Does your game lack depth? Under a lot of pressure to try something new? Creative springs running a bit dry? Then it is time to make a splash with the Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting and Undersea Sourcebook. Aquatic adventure awaits in three dimensions with this unique underwater world. This tome is filled to the brim with useful material for any game: a dozen new races, a triad of new classes and prestige classes, scores of new feats and spells, solutions for 3D combat, ninety new monsters, cardstock minis and so much more! All beautifully color-illustrated by Alluria Publishing’s talented design team. Take the plunge!

Also in the bundle is Cerulean Seas: Waves of Thought (normally $19.95), Creepy Creatures: Bestiary of the Bizarre (normally $21.95), Fey Folio: Clans of the Fey (normally $6.25), Remarkable Races Pathway to Adventure: Compendium of Unusual PC Races (normally $39.99) and Cerulean Seas: Indigo Ice (normally $19.95)

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