Space Hulk trailer

Games Workshop’s famous Space Hulk game of Space Marine Terminators versus Genestealers is coming back. It’ll be a mobile game and a computer game. It’ll suport single player and multiplayer at a cross-platform level.

If that’s right that means you can play the game on your iPad against a friend on their PC.

The new game will feature the Blood Angel terminator squad go up against Genestealers with a challenging AI in a 3D enviorment. It’ll be turn-based, coop and head-to-head. There will be a level editor to let you create and then share your own missions and there will be DLC in the future. You can find out more about it at Space

The game is being built by Danish Full Control. This follows the news that SEGA-owned The Creative Assembly have won the rights to build Warhammer (not Warhammer 40K) games.

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Paul Thornton
Paul Thornton

I want to be positive about this, I really do, but there's not much of a great track record for GW products becoming amazing games. Still, I'll always have Death Angel...