Evil Hat’s Fate Core Kickstarter blows away targets

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“That looks good. I should blog about that tomorrow.” That’s what I thought when this Kickstarter launched late yesterday. A few hours later and here’s the blog post with one little twist. The project already has over 700 backers and has already beaten the campaign goal 7 times over.

Evil Hat did not see this coming. All the stretch goals they’ve revealed have been blown away too. Fortunately, their diagram of strech goal promises includes many $?? amounts – a good move – as it’ll allow them to keep this thing going.

Evil Hat have been on a roll. Spirit of the Century, which dates back to 2006, is still very popular among many gamer groups I know. Nothing quite like it. The Dresden Files, 2010, was a huge success – and as the Kickstarter says – even created a temporary shortage of Fudge dice due to deman.

Fate is the system at the heart of Evil Hat’s products. If you pledge just a dollar then you get the complete early draft of the new Fate Core too. At the time of blogging some 50 people have taken that offer. Three times more (170) have backed $10. Double again (377) have gone for the $30 level to get the physical book with an exclusive Kickstarter bookmark. That just shows you these 700+ backers aren’t taking the cheap option; these are gamers who support Fate.

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