Free to Download: 6d6 Free

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6d6 are being especially busy as their successful Kickstarter enters its last week. The campaign is into the stretch goals and, at the time of writing, just a few quid short of unlocking The Dungeon of Demon Strata with the bestiary coming up next.

As the Kickstarter attracts attention it also generates more questions from gamers about the 6d6 system and their library of books. In response, the team have created an interactive YouTube walkthrough of the rules.

What do you think? I’m currently reading my way through a new RPG system and setting. I would leap at the chance to watch a 30 minute video from the creators that conjured up the setting and explained the system.

Videos aren’t for everyone and so there’s also a Free to download: 6d6 Free collection at RPGNow. The free download features insights and samples from 6d6 Lovecraft, 6d6 Bots and 6d6 Hellenic.

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