PWI: Sirens of War cinematic


Sirens of War is the sixth expansion for the popular online roleplaying game Perfect World International. PWI has over 50 million players and PWI: Sirens of War brings new skills, quests, weapons and equipment.

A key new feature in Sirens of War is “Nation Wars” which brings a new battlefield that allows PvP servers to all high level players rather than just factions. This means generals can run their own 20 vs 20 skirmishes.

Tony Liu of PWI said;

“Sirens of War brings exciting changes for veterans and beginners alike, and it really has never been a better time for players to dive in,”

“For the first time in PWI, Nation Wars brings an incredible server-wide battle system that allows thousands of players to simultaneously fight with and against each other. This will be one of the most incredible grand scale battle systems imaginable.”

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