Cutest Kickstarter ever? Love at First Byte

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Love at First Byte’s Kickstarter campaign gets my attention through its shameless use of a cute attack dog. It’s an interesting juxtaposition to the well covered Elite Kickstarter which launched without a video or even any concept art.

There’s something about the voice over in this pitch than reminds me of the webfamous Ashens too. Here’s a Pac-Man: The Board Game review to illustrate my point.

There’s probably no connection. Probably.

There is a roleplayer connection with Love at First Byte though; and that’s Stuart Renton. Renton, who launched this Kickstarter, previously ran the d20 publisher Bottled Imp Games and still contributes to the RPG scene. In May of this year he took part, on Geek Native, in Going Last’s blog carnival “May of the Dead” with two fantastic submissions including the dreaded Gloom Lich Grimoire: Blood Magic. That wasn’t so cute.

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