Paizo to run huge open playtest for Mythic Adventures

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Paizo Publishing had more than 55,000 gamers help playtest the preliminary rules for Pathfinder back in 2008. That’s a success they’re looking to recreate.

Starting on the 14th, players will be able to download a free copy of the preliminary design document for Mythic Adventures from The results of the playtest; suggestions, comments, corrections are to be gathered on the forums for Paizo to consider. It’s expected that this will continue to Janurary 2013.

Erik Mona said;

“Mythical abilities are what set characters like Hercules and King Arthur apart from their mortal brethren,”

“The Mythic Adventures open playtest invites fantasy roleplayers around the world to be among the first to play with these new rules, and to offer feedback that will shape the future of the world’s best-selling tabletop roleplaying game.”

Mythic Adventures will add a layer to Pathfinder; familiar rules but with characters at power levels far above anything Pathfinder has seen before.

The publisher also released these two pieces of concept art to illustrate the book.

21 Total Shares
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