Second Skyrim Parodies teaser: the sexy charge

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Kristen Nedopak has released the second teaser trailer for the new Skyrim Parodies series ahead of Comic-Con.

I think the official title for this is; “A Companion’s Guide to Being Dovahkiin” but I like to think of it as the sexy charge. Featured are four of Nedopak’s model friends, dressed as Forsworn, charging towards the camera. Yes, the Forsworn are fierce and the weaponry here looks real – but put body beautiful people in skimpy clothing and you’re going to earning some charisma bonuses.

Skyrim actually does very well for sensible armour. Warriors, even the female ones, are dressed practically for the climate and for melee. The Forsworn, however, are different – they’re dressed in basic rags and feral cloth.

That doesn’t mean the Forsworn are a sell-out in the realism department, though? If you see connections between Skyrim and Scotland (the Northern part of Europe, the rebelious part of the Empire even if that’s where some of the founders came from) then the Forsworn are the Picts. The Picts did not bother with armour (faith in your war god was enough) and painted themselves with blue wode. They were the fighters that the Romans couldn’t cope with. Some will say that the Picts are the reason for Hardian’s Wall.

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