The Skyrim Parodies teaser

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We have the first teaser clip from Kristen Nedopak Skyrim Parodies series.

This is a social media and native geek success story. Nedopak first produced a successful and popular short parody of the popular RPG with “To Lydia with Love” and then went on to raise about $5,500 with an Indiegogo project.

This is money raised a web based audience of fans and friends. They’ve not had to wait very long for this first teaser and can expect six short videos from the The Skyrim Parodies set.

One question is whether the RPG will remain popular for long enough or whether, like the arrow to the knee joke, enthusiasm will tire. The timing isn’t entirely against Kristen Nedopak though as Bethesda has recently launched DLC for the game, with more expected, and Comic-Con is likely to rekindle interest.

Nedopak will be appearing at Comic-Con, in The Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con, along with Katrina Hill, Holly Conrad, Adrianne Curry, Abbie Heppe, Clare Kramer, Stephanie Thorpe, Milynn Sarley, Leah Cevoli and Patricia Tallman.

Fans can check out Geek Native’s collection of behind the scenes photos from the set of the Skyrim Parodies.

7 Total Shares
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