Superhero Week: Scottish Ninjas

Hidden away in our 8 superhero Kickstarter pitches for Superhero Week is a call to fund Scottish Ninjas.

Right on time (and without funding) the first webisode of this quirky, bloody, all action comedy is live on YouTube this week.

The Scottish Ninja, sent to America to “find their place in the world”, are trained by a Scottish man who discovers and drinks from a mysterious bottle. It contained the trapped spirit of an ancient Japanese warrior.

This episode is called “Welcome to America” and brings some bad news for our three heroes. It just under 4 minutes long the episode feels more like a teaser than an episode but, in fairness, the project always talked about “minisodes”.

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Scottish Ninjas
Scottish Ninjas

Thanks for the endorsement! Minisode 1 is mostly set up, the next ones will flush out more story and be more satisfying.