Catch a Xperiabot and win a phone

Sony’s smartphone advert featuring robots will escape the TV set this Monday. If you catch one of the Sony robots – known as Xperiabots – then there’s a whole bunch of swag up for grabs.

  • Xperia NXT Series phones
  • Sony 4-screen packages
  • Tickets for movie premiers
  • DJ sessions
  • Tickets for gigs and concerts

There are three ways to capture the Xperiabots.

The first method of Xperiabot capture – be in London, where the bots will escape, and scan the QR code (or upload the alpha-numeric code) on them.

The second method of Xperiabot conquest – be in Manchester and, once again, scan the QR code or make a note of the alpha-numeric code on the bot.

The third method – good news; these Xperiabots may even appear online.

How to catch a Sony Xperiabots and win stuff? Follow @xperiaunleashed, the Leader Bot, or the #xperiaunleashed. Ther will also be clues on a section on Sony Mobile UK’s Facebook page.

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