Realm of LARP video

The Nerdist have put together a web-based reality show that follows a group of LARPers.

I know – cause for concern. LARP has a long history of getting very bad coverage from anything that records moving pictures. Mind you, let’s consider some recent attempts. Leeds Student TV produced LARPing around which was pretty good at explaining the hobby. Perhaps the Nerdist’s attempt at a web series won’t be too bad.

A 10 minute preview is online already

The preview introduces the characters and their players along with the game marshals and the basics of LARP. Sure, the cheese does threaten to sneak through now and then but the whole preview is far more professional than I thought likely. I think the players do very well under the scrutiny of the camera too.

What do you think? A win for LARP?

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Victor Varnado
Victor Varnado

Hi there, My name is Victor Varnado. I am the creator and director of Realm of LARP. Thank you so much for posting about the show. I hope we don't disappoint you.

Andrew Girdwood
Andrew Girdwood

Thanks for sharing that! Hadn't heard of that before - but I am a fan of Dara O'Briain. He's clearly a smart guy.