Behind the Scenes: Skyrim Parody

After the very popular To Lydia with Love the creator and actress Kristen Nedopak managed a successful crowd funding drive to fund some more Skyrim Parodies (hinting too at games like Mass Effect).

In the last few hours Kristen and Patty Jean Robinson have been tweeting some behind the scene pictures for the parody that Indiegogo helped fund. One tweet later and Geek Native scored permission to share some!

Additional star credits: @closetgeek1 as Lydia and @Helslevy as the Forsworn.

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And Makeup & Hair by @GlamourLush ;) Great work team Nedopak!

Victoria Drake
Victoria Drake

FABULOUS PHOTOS! Kristen - you have outdone yourself with this project, and that's pretty hard to do, considering you rock it always! LOVE THIS!