Sponsored Video: Samsung hires supervillains


This isn’t quite the group Villains for hire or Advanced Idea Mechanics but Samsung are employing three annoying supervillains to promote their tech.

Oh. Wait. This is like Advanced Idea Mechanics after all. Perhaps we’ll encounter a fourth villain later on – someone based on the unlikely MODOK.

The first is Battery Brutus. He’s a pain. I suspect he stalks me (I carry two spare batteries) but I think he should be given a medal for silencing the “shut uuup” woman.


The second is Loading Ball Larry. I must admit that my PC has shown me lots of “please wait… while I crash” icons but never a loading ball. Could it be that Loading Ball Larry and Samsung have some other computer technology in mind?

The last of the group – and the coolest looking (pun) is Fiona Freeze. Freeze might have the look but she’s far less agile than the other two, having to lump around her equipment – but I suppose this makes her rather like Scrooge ghost dragging their chains around.

I like to think that Samsung and their marketing minds are making some effort to woo and target the geek community. I also suspect it may be time (again) for some tongue-in-cheek jokes at the expense of the popular superhero movies. We should brace for some more!

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