Konami release Yu-Go-Oh! BAM for Facebook

Konami have taken the still popular collectible card game Yu-Go-Oh! and ported it to Facebook. Yu-Gi-Oh! Bam includes over 300 specially adapted, virtual, cards, rewards and the ability to battle opponents of differing skill levels.

The game also supports solo-play, allowing players to progress through levels and explore carefully designed backdrop art. Newbies benefit from tutorials and everyone may find the deck-building functions built into the game useful. It is possible to custom build your own Deck.

Takeshi Minagawa, executive producer, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc, said;

“The core elements of Yu-Gi-Oh!, including specialist cards, Dueling and strategy remain central to BAM, but are further enhanced by a social media channel that allows for an accessible and intense gaming experience,”

“BAM is an addictive new way for the social networking and Facebook generation to experience the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game! … “

The silent video below is a 2 minute in-game tutorial

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