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Samsung are using the marketing tagline “Designed for Humans” in conjunction with the launch of the Galaxy SIII. Some are calling it a redundant manifest but I feel there is some wile in the point Samsung are making.

Until my Android 4.0 upgrade I was getting on swimmingly with my HTC Sensation but there had been times I was let down by it. In particular, I found reading RPG PDFs a bit of pain because the screen would go blank on me while I was still on the page. In an effort to save battery (and I carry two spares; thank goodness for removable batteries) I had set the screen timeout to be a humble 30 seconds. In fact, even using the smartphone to check character sheets could be a problem. The Samsung Galaxy SIII solves this by making sure the screen does not go dark while it detects your eyes are open and watching the phone.

I’ve tried using my HTC to take notes. In fact, I use Evernote a lot and have tested many other similar apps. I use my phone as a notepad often – even in gaming, as a player. However, it’s not so easy as a note taking device while I’m prepping for a game and wrestling with large hardback rules. Once again I wonder if the SIII’s ability to wake up on a voice command and S Voice might be a solution to that.

I doubt the phone, as it stands now, could be as dramatically different as the the Galaxy Beam which would allow GMs to project maps and handouts onto the wall. However, features like AllShare would allow the GM to make use of the TV screen a display device. That’s handy if you’ve a large group of players or if a TV display is more in-theme to your game than a printout (almost any sci-fi setting, for example).

Some gamers will want to keep the traditional tabletop RPG as traditional as possible. There’s room (a need) for some of that in my life too. There are other gamers who very much want to evolve the hobby. I believe that’s needed as well. I look to games like The Project from WeMade which is a mobile based MMORPG. Through their smartphones, players will be able to connect to and share a world together. If projects like The Project succeed then I suspect we’ll see more traditional RPG publishers get interested too. Let’s not forget Pathfinder has an MMO project underway and White Wolf is owned by the MMO specialist CCP Games.

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so this is a sponsored post to sell the samsung galaxy s3 - what about the note or the titan as gaming phones due to their larger screen size?

Andrew Girdwood
Andrew Girdwood

I think the Note looks interesting. I was able to have a play with a Note or two at the Gadget Show Live this year and it wasn't as big as I feared - and yet big enough for the screen to be useful. It's certainly character sheet safe.

I think the stylus might help the Note be more gamer friendly. Better for plotting maps on or even ticking character sheet boxes. I guess we'll have to see WoTC really step up to the internet for DnD Next to make that happen though. They'll need apps or need to make it easy for fans to develop them.

As for the Titan? I recognise the name but I'm not sure if HTC have made it widely available here in the UK.