Competition: Find Kilowog to win $10

This month Geek Native has another $10 voucher DriveThru RPG. Winning the voucher should be pretty easy as it involves only three steps.

Step one: Find the superhero known as Kilowog in the image below and click.

Step two: Arrive at your new destination and post the message; “Superhero treasure hunt”

Step three: Win! One winner will be picked randomly from the right answers.

Heads up

You will need JavaScript enabled for the magic clicky effect on the image to work. You need that to win. Also, this blogger needs to get in touch with you if you win – so please use an identity that allows me to do so, otherwise someone else will get your prize.

This competition closes on Saturday. I’ll leave a comment below when the winner has bee contacted.

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Andrew Girdwood
Andrew Girdwood

We've a winner for this competition folks. Better luck next month!