Sony’s HX8 Bravia is magic

I need a new TV. The thing is – I’m holding off finding a replacement because I believe the current fad for 3D will pass. The next generation of interesting TVs will be connected devices; TVs that I can use to connect to the internet.

Step forward Sony with their Bravia line. The flagship model in the Bravia range is the HX8. The Bravia HX8 is conected to the Sony Entertainment Network (gamers are familiar with all the rebranding Sony has been doing). New in 2012 is Netflix inclusion which greatly expands the range of connected content.

The HX8 also uses Sony’s X-reality Pro technology that works with 3D as well. The HX8 goes in a full HD 3D model if you want it.

What caught my attention was this viral candidate video that features Drummond Money-Coutts. It’s worth a watch for anyone who likes this new breed of tech and slight of hand.

One of the women in the video, I think, I supposed to be a pop-star but I found this picture and am now confused as to which one she was!

I’m quite the Sony fan. I know they’ve had a rough patch but the ultimate test is to try and imagine a future without them – and I can’t. Heck. I nearly even bought one of their Android tablets.

If you’re a fan of the tech / slight of hand magic blend then I recommend this video made from the city of Stockholm for a recruitment drive.

What do you think about the future of TV screens? 3D, connected or both? Sony?

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