20 gamers to follow on Google+

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Do I mean “follow”? I think the Google+ term might be “circle”. Okay, try again; 20 gamers to circle on Google+.

Google+ is Google’s attempt at a social network. It’s eary days yet but the signals are good. Not everyone is pleased but many people are. It’s been hard to get in but if you visit plus.google.com and have been good to your Google account then you’ll probably get in. If not? Leave a comment below.

As it’s early days this list of 20 comes with some conditions. These 20 gamers have all left at least one public comment so even if they don’t circle you back you’ll still be able to see something. My gut feeling tells me that other gamers who I’ve found on Google+ may over take, in terms of contributions, may overtake a few of the recommend 20 later. That’s for the future, though, this list (in no order) is to get you kick started today!

  1. Felicia Day; famous, probably not a spoof account, chatty and a digital native. Hail the Day, hail.
  2. Jonathan Jacobs; editor in chief at Nevermet Press, PhD and blogger at The Core Mechanic
  3. Sean Fannon; Editor of the DriveThru RPG weekly, writer of Champions RPG books and plenty others!
  4. Michael Garcia; aka The Crazy GM, adventure designer, and web designer.
  5. Richard Iorio II; of Rogue Games, also having written for Atlas Games, Guardians of Order, Hogshead Publishing and others. Works with lawyers. Brave.
  6. Jerry LeNeave; Content director at Obsidian Portal, game designer and IT dude. Stalk @DreadGazeebo.
  7. Logan Bonner; Games and graphics designer at Wizards of the Coast, writer for Wizards of the Coast, Logan Bonner!
  8. Lyndsay Peters; aka @GeekyLyndsay and maker of Dragon Chow
  9. Mike Mearls; some guy, something to do with games :)
  10. Fred Hicks; co-president of Evil Hat Games
  11. Gareth Skarka; Writer, game designer and Adamant Entertainment dude.
  12. Russell Morrissey; the brave man who picked up EN World and keeps it running!
  13. Tracy Hurley; Perl programmer of power, intelligence behind Sarah Darkmagic.
  14. Michael Wolf; gamer, bloggering powerhouse that is Stargazer’s World.
  15. Derek Guder; event program manager at Gen Con — budget holder!
  16. 6d6 Fireball; aka chris Tregenza – at risk of needing to move to ‘business account’ profile, in the mean time an interesting startup in subscription models for gamers.
  17. The Secret DM; secret, well, sort of! Curious.
  18. Michael Robles; community manager at Wizards of the Coast, well connected.
  19. Ed Healy; gamerati, Iron GM, Moonstew, Game Cryer, lots!
  20. Micah Wedemeyer; runs Obsidian Portal. Yup.

Oh! Wait! There’s this blogger too. Nothing special. Geeky.

Did I miss someone off the list who you would have added? If there’s time to do another 20; who should be added?

124 Total Shares
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How do I get a Google plus account? I tried on the google plus site but no luck.


Honored to be a part of this list of such great geekery! I promise to attempt to entertain and dazzle!

Andrew Girdwood
Andrew Girdwood

Not at all - you're an early adopter and a thought leader. No surprise finding you in Google+ just as the doors opened :)

George "Loki" Williams
George "Loki" Williams

Fantastic! I found a lot of people thanks to this post! BTW, sent you a G+ msg....

Andrew Girdwood
Andrew Girdwood

The doors are open most of the time - watch http://plus.google.com. Another way is to get a friend to invite your gmail address in; that helps but does not guarantee.